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Should I make a music video?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I always try to have a music video for each song I release. It can be either a visualizer, a lyrics video or an official music video. I'll write more about the alternatives in one of my next posts.

So, having a video (on Youtube of course) comes with many benefits. Visibility: yes not everybody is into Spotify and streaming in general, many people still prefer to listen music on Youtube. Honestly, even I, if there's a song I wanna check out quickly, I open my YT app and type in the artist name and song. I like to have an idea of the artists in general, like their brand. And from a music video you can understand a lot about a musician and their vision. Revenues: remember when we talked about the distributors? They collect royalties for you on many platforms, like Spotify, Apple Music, and dozens of others.... Youtube included! Honestly, YT is not paying much in terms of royalties, but still, why leave money on the table if there's some right? Also, Youtube has super cool (and powerful!) playlists too, just like Spotify. So, again, why miss the chance to be in one of them! Have music day! 🎧


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