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When to release a music video

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

When it comes to release dates we always get a little anxious... No reasons to stress, here is my tip about when to release a music video.

Ok, some say you should release it a couple of days after the song release day to fill up the content agenda and keep having a momentum by feeding your socials. I have tried it, like planning the song release on Friday and the video, lets say, on Monday. Honestly, I think I have missed a chance. I'll tell you why. Especially when you are still emerging and not a Dua Lipa yet (and I said yet!), there's one main issue/aspect, to consider. Not everybody knows who you are, how you look like, what you do, what's you brand, what's your vibe..

So, each time you release new music, people first thing they wanna do is to literally go and 'check you out'. Chances are that they are gonna do this on release day, which is probably the day you have been investing most of the time on. Oh well, I guess we'll have to talk about the whole #releaseday prep, let me make a note.. "post about things to do on before after the release day!". Anyway, if you have done your homeworks correctly, you'll be quite busy on that days, posting on instagram, facebook, twitter. Creating and reposting stories, sending out a mailing list, starting FB ads, YT ads etc etc etc. All of this will create in spike in the level of attention of your audience (or potential one), and that's where you gotta be explosive. Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube, IG, you name it. You wanna be everywhere! Right on day 1. Of course there are so many ways to keep the momentum, and I'll tell you more about it in the next post (I made a note already). Have a music day 🎧!


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