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Italian-born RIVIN – real name Riccardo Vino – has a unique and eclectic approach to music. Born in the trade (his grandfather was a famous Italian violinist and composer), he was classical trained in piano by the age of just five, writing his first compositions by the age of ten. Nomad by nature, once he completes his University studies, he first moves to Berlin to explore the EDM scene. After a few years he decides to take an opposite direction and go on tour with his band revamping old classics of the Italian and American radio days paying a tribute to his grandfather. RIVIN has also lived in NYC and London where he has collaborated with many pop artists and music producers. Today he is fully dedicated to Pop music, writing and producing songs that he wants to be soulful and emotional, with catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. His debut single "I'll Never Say Sorry” has dropped during Pride Month and is a rebellious yet passionate exhortation to fully own who we are. Always and without compromise.

Photo: Anna Azourov


Release Jun 30, 2020


Release Dec 13, 2020

Release Feb 19, 2021

Release Apr 2, 2021

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